PES and European Parliament unite to oppose Philippine abuses

PES and European Parliament unite to oppose Philippine abuses

Around 12 000 suspected drug dealers have been murdered either by the police or government-supported gangs as part of a programme of extra-judicial killings authorised by the Philippines government.

MEPs today passed a resolution by a large majority, condemning President Duterte’s disregard for human rights and his attempts to silence critics both at home and abroad, including PES deputy secretary general Giacomo Filibeck, who was expelled from the country earlier this week.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“Shooting people on the streets demonstrates a complete disregard for basic human rights. This is not only wrong, it is a strategy doomed to fail. We encourage President Duterte to prioritise the fight against drug-trafficking networks, instead of executing small-scale dealers and consumers.

“We also call on the Philippines government to end all threats and intimidation against its critics, including human rights activists, journalists and opposition leaders, and to stop politically-motivated prosecutions against these people. All Filipino citizens have rights and they must be respected.”

The expulsion of Mr Filibeck took place during a PES visit to the Philippines to address the congress of Akbayan, its sister party in the Progressive Alliance. PES supports social democrat parties around the world in their fight for basic human rights, democracy and the rule of law.