PES at the International Progressive Campaign Forum in the U.S.

PES at the International Progressive Campaign Forum in the U.S.

The main topics were how to fight disinformation, fake news and outside interference, and sharing best practice in implementing new tools for effective issue-based campaigning.

Intensive discussions and exchanges were followed by meetings with the National Democratic Institute and the Democratic National Committee. 

PES Vice President, Katarína Nevedalova said:

“In a fast and interconnected world, we need to work together across the globe to exchange views, learn from each other and fight together for a better tomorrow. We live in different places, but we share the same planet and stand for the same values.”

The Washington event was followed by workshops with progressive campaigners who have worked alongside Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Queens, New York. 

Marije Laffeber, PES Deputy Secretary General added:

“Disinformation and hate speech seem to have become the new trend in the public space. We need to counter this trend to safeguard democracy. Not only in Europe, but together with progressives from around the globe.”

The PES at the International Progressive Campaigning Forum in Washington DC with partners from the United States, Australia and New Zealand.  Fighting disinformation, fake news and remote interference.