PES Finance Ministers discuss fights against terrorism financing and tax avoidance

PES Finance Ministers discuss fights against terrorism financing and tax  avoidance

Lithuanian Finance Minister and chair of the network, Rimantas Šadžius, stated: ‘We welcome the Commission’s proposal for new measures against corporate tax avoidance. As progressives we have always strongly advocated for social and tax justice, and the Commission’s Anti Tax Avoidance Package is a step in the right direction. Companies that avoid taxation and engage in aggressive tax planning undermine the basis of the European social and economic model. This practice should be put to an end. We look forward to the revived Commission’s proposal on a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB) that could also contribute to strengthening the ability to prevent profit shifting.

On the Action Plan to strengthen the fight against the financing of terrorism, Minister Šadžius explained that: There is a strong agreement in our political family about the urgent need for strong measures to tackle the problem of terrorism financing. The implementation of measures foreseen in the Action Plan presented by the Commission will improve current legislation on money laundering, and will introduce some essential provisions that significantly increase the control over terrorist financing. These measures will improve access to information, tackle illicit trade in goods, increase the scope of due diligence in relation to virtual currencies. This preventive approach sets the correct tone for countering terrorism.’

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The meeting was also attended by the following:

Rimantas Šadžius, Finance Minister (Chair), Lithuania
Michel Sapin, Finance Minister, France
Pier Carlo Padoan, Finance Minister, Italy
Edward Scicluna, Finance Minister, Malta
Jeroen Dijsselbloem, Finance Minister, The Netherlands
Mario Centeno, Finance Minister, Portugal
Peter Kazimir, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Slovakia
Ivan Lesay, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Slovakia
Magdalena Andersson, Finance Minister, Sweden
Karolina Ekholm, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Sweden
Charlotte Svensson, State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance, Sweden
Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Economic Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs
Maria Joao Rodrigues MEP, Vice President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament
Roberto Gualtieri MEP, Chair of the ECON committee in the European Parliament