PES Foreign Policy Network: stability and security must be secured for Ukraine

PES Foreign Policy Network: stability and security must be secured for Ukraine

Representatives of PES member parties, MEPs, MPs and other progressives met online by videoconference to discuss Ukraine, EU relation with Russia, and other items on the foreign policy agenda.

Network Chair Kati Piri, Member of the House of Representatives of the Netherlands, said:

“We want to see a peaceful resolution to the current tensions achieved through dialogue and diplomacy. All attempts to threaten and destabilise Ukraine by Russia must cease immediately, and efforts must be refocused on averting war.

“Our deterrence is our unity. We commend German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, EU High Representative Josep Borrell, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for their leadership in deescalating the situation. Together, we in Europe are making it clear that there will be a high cost for Russia if it pursues aggression. As a valued ally, it is right that the EU and NATO are standing with Ukraine and working for peace.

“The assistance provided to Ukraine by the EU, both in terms of immediate supplies and also longer-term economic support, is a very welcome step. It is important that we remain vigilant and are prepared to take further steps, if the situation escalates. Every nation has a right to choose its own path, and this sovereignty must be respected. Stability and security must be secured for Ukraine.”

The Network expressed concerns about mounting evidence of a steady build-up of Russian military equipment and personnel close to Ukraine, including at multiple locations in Belarus, Crimea and western Russia. Europe must remain open to further sanctions if this build-up of force is not reduced, and if further efforts to destabilise Ukraine continue.