PES holds Task Force meeting at second anniversary of Arab Revolutions

PES holds Task Force meeting at second anniversary of Arab  Revolutions

Among the topics discussed were the strengthening of cooperation among progressive forces to respond effectively and in a coordinated way to the common challenges in the region as well as the question of political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Arab revolutions were a turning point in the history of the region. People took their destiny in their own hands. The biggest challenge now is to translate the spirit of the revolutions into a smooth democratic transition, building solid institutions and promoting fair economic and social development. Equality, dignity, social justice and freedom must become the pillars of the future of the region.

The meeting, chaired by David Capezzuto, Head of the PES International Unit, was attended by Soufiane Khairat, USFP Morocco, Ahmed Bouda, USFP Morocco, Khaled Qasem, Fatah Palestine, Sami Razgallah, Ettakatol Tunisia, Elyes Ghanmi, Ettakatol Tunisia, Abou Chacra Omar, PSP Lebanon, Karim Hikmat, PUK Iraq, Mirza Abdulrzak, PUK Iraq, Faraj Barzan, PUK Iraq, Ali Mazrooei, Iran, Kristian Vigenin, BSP Bulgaria, Tommy Waidelich, SAP Sweden, João Ribeiro PS Portugal, Kader Sevinç, CHP Turkey, Sebastien Gricourt, PS France, Signe Brudeset, DNA Norway, Mario Carera, PS Switzerland, Laura Ballarín, PSOE Spain, Maurice Claassens, SOLIDAR, Aliona Fornea, PES Group in the Committee of the Regions, Zoltan Simon, S&D Group in the European Parliament, and Daniele Basso, PES.