PES & Observer Party Mark Moldovan Accession Talks

PES & Observer Party Mark Moldovan Accession Talks

On this occasion, President Marian Lupu, accompanied by members of the party’s youth organisation, paid a visit to the PES headquarters for an exchange with Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet and Head of International Unit Ann Linde.

The main topic of discussion was the signing of the European Union Association Agreement by Moldova and Georgia on the 27th June, which comes after long years of negotiations and important reforms made by these countries.  Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet stated that “the signing of the Association Agreement is of great importance for the EU and Moldova,” underlining “not only will it help strengthen political ties and trade flows but it will also mark an extraordinary sign for the European aspirations of the citizens of Moldova”.

The PDM, which is part of the ruling pro-European coalition, has been advocating for closer cooperation with the EU for a long time. President Lupu declared that “we have been working tirelessly for Moldova to sign this agreement” while adding that “the ratification of the Association Agreement is a decisive step for our country”.

The two partners also discussed the upcoming general elections in Moldova, due to be held in November. The PES is eagerly looking forward to these important elections. PES Head of International Unit Ann Linde declared that “the PES fully supports our partners from the PDM for the upcoming elections” recalling “the necessity for a democratic coalition to continue working towards the EU path”.

Several plans for enhancing the close cooperation between the PES and PDM were also discussed at this meeting. Together with the PDM, the PES is reiterating its commitment to continue the promotion of democratic values and fight for the respect of fundamental freedoms.