PES President: “The Republic of Moldova is on the right path to succeed into EU integration”

PES President: “The Republic of Moldova is on the right path to succeed into  EU integration”

The partners reconfirmed their commitment to common progressive values and stressed their full support to the European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

Sergei Stanishev, PES President, stated: “The Republic of Moldova is on the right path to succeed into EU integration and I am confident that the PDM will be the main actor to make it happen. The party has become the force of all Moldovans, the force for a fairer economic growth, decent jobs and more social justice for families and for women. PDM has achieved a lot in the last 4 years and continues to raise awareness of the social and democratic values in the country and of the mutual benefits of EU integration. The PES stands by PDM on their mission of achieving economic and social prosperity for their country.”

Tanja Fajon, S&D vice-chair and spokesperson on Moldova, said: “Just a couple of years ago, the visa-free regime for Moldovan citizens or an Association Agreement with the EU seemed totally unrealistic goals. Today, thanks to our common efforts, many citizens, especially young people enjoy the right to freedom of movement and the Association Agreement is signed. It’s implementation will contribute to the social-economic development of Moldova and will bring the country even closer to the EU. We fully support the efforts of the Democratic Party to build a socially prosperous, just and modern Moldova. These are all elements of the European choice of Moldova and none should be neglected.”

Andi Cristea, chair of the EU-Moldova Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (PCC), added: “Moldova has made tremendous progress in the current political mandate. The European Parliament will ratify the Association Agreement on November 13th in recognition of the reform efforts and European aspirations of the Moldovan people and authorities. The social democratic government of Romania, led by Victor Ponta, was the first to ratify the Agreement in July and the remaining Member States will soon follow. The electoral campaign and the new executive must be used as an opportunity to enhance even further political momentum for reforms to the benefit of all Moldovans for higher living standards, strong and modern institutions and a clear roadmap for Moldova’s European path.”

The delegation met yesterday with the Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Corman and the acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Iulian Groza. The visit program includes meetings with the President of Republic of Moldova, Nicolae Timofti, and the Prime Minister, Iurie Leanca.