PES regrets the moving of U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

PES regrets the moving of U.S. embassy to Jerusalem

Only on Monday, hours before the opening ceremony, tens of Palestinian victims were reported shot by Israeli armed forces during the demonstrations in Gaza against the controversial move.

PES president Sergei Stanishev said:

“This is an unnecessary act by President Trump and it’s a gift to radicals on both sides intending to perpetuate conflict forever. We support the two-state solution, as do wide sectors of both Israeli and Palestinian public opinions to this day. We will continue to support it, because we want lasting peace in the region. Our way is not President Trump’s way, but the United Nations’ way.”

Media reports that EU countries such as Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania sent guests to the ceremony in Jerusalem. Most EU countries’ diplomats boycotted the event.

“The PES is surprised by some EU countries who sent representatives to the opening ceremony in Jerusalem. This is not a way to show EU solidarity and defend the common diplomatic positions of the Union.”

PES last year expressed its deepest concern about Trump’s idea to move the U.S. embassy. Today, a week after the U.S. president announced his withdrawal from the Iran deal, PES is worried that a further deterioration of the crisis in the region is inevitable.

We call on all parties involved to try and find diplomatic solution with the support of the UN and the international community.