PES statement on the killings in Halle, Germany

PES statement on the killings in Halle, Germany
  • Expresses its condolences and solidarity with the friends, relatives and loved ones of the victims.
  • Deplores this vile and cowardly attack on civilians, which targeted a Jewish place of worship while the community was observing one of the holiest days of the year.   
  • Praises the actions of those members of the community who courageously ensured that the attacker was not able to enter into the synagogue, likely averting an even greater tragedy. And commends the police and security services for apprehending the perpetrator and bringing him into custody, bringing the immediate situation to a resolution.
  • Deplores all forms of antisemitism, racism and xenophobia, and underlines the commitment of our political family to fight these atrocious ideologies, without equivocation or concessions. 
  • Underlines the need to strengthen our unity against all terrorism, and the intolerant ideas that sustain it, and expresses certainty that communities across Germany, Europe and the world will stand together in solidarity against those who seek to create division and hate. 

The PES will always condemn the use of violence and attempts to violate or restrict individual rights, and will never tolerate the spread of fundamentally anti-democratic ideologies.