PES: We stand by the people of Lebanon, international support is crucial

PES:  We stand by the people of Lebanon, international support is crucial

The PES welcomes the swift response from the European Union by activating its emergency mechanisms.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“This small country deserves big support in such difficult times. The European Union should continue helping Lebanon by swiftly understanding the needs on the ground and by providing vital assistance to the citizens of Beirut and to the Lebanese authorities. The PES appreciates the timely response by the EU High Representative Josep Borrell, who just hours after the explosion started mobilising the Union resources in order to provide support to Lebanon.”

The PES commends the efforts of local and international rescue workers, the emergency services and the international organisations on the ground, such as the World Health Organisation, the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. European Socialists and Democrats hope the investigation of this tragic event will bring to justice those responsible.

PES President Stanishev said:

“Lebanon was hit by the COVID crisis while providing shelter to almost a million refugees. Now this horrible explosion adds even more pressure to the local health authorities. Further support from the European Union and the International organisation is vital.”

The PES has had in Lebanon several international events with its sister party PSP, the latest one was called “Working together to address the refugee crisis” and was held in Beirut in 2015.