PES welcomes overwhelming majority to change Chilean constitution

PES welcomes overwhelming majority to change Chilean constitution

The new Chilean constitution is set to replace the current one from 1980, enacted during the military dictatorship, and will be drafted by a directly elected, gender-balanced assembly. 

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“We welcome the huge popular movement in favour of the process of writing a new constitution. This is the right step for breaking with the past, guaranteeing new, fair and inclusive fundamental laws for Chile.

“The progressive campaigners for ‘Yes’ showed remarkable drive and courage, bringing the subject to a popular vote and to mobilising the Chilean people in favour of a new constituent assembly. We commend all the progressive forces on the “YES” side, especially our comrades from the Socialist Party of Chile (PS).”

In early March, PES Deputy Secretary General Giacomo Filibeck travelled to Chile’s capital Santiago – alongside Conny Reuter from the Progressive Alliance and Martin Sandgren from PES member party SAP Sweden – to show solidarity with the PES’s Chilean sister party. We supported them during the referendum campaign and will continue to do so through the common frame of the Progressive Alliance.