Safe future for Syrian communities must be top priority

Safe future for Syrian communities must be top priority

The decision of the United States to pull troops out of Syria will leave key allies in the fight against jihadist terrorism, such as the Kurdish community, vulnerable to attacks from other regional powers, the PES has said.

On Wednesday (19 December), President Donald Trump ordered the withdrawal of US Forces from Syria, declaring ‘we have won against ISIS’.

The United States currently has 2000 troops stationed in country, and over the last few years they have worked alongside the Syrian Democratic Forces to free ISIS controlled areas. The SDF, led by the Kurdish community, has paid a heavy price to defeat the bloody and cruel terrorist regime. But despite the decline of ISIS, the Kurdish community is still vulnerable to attacks from a strengthen Assad regime and other powers in the region.

Giacomo Filibeck, PES Deputy Secretary General, said:

“Thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Democratic Forces and others, the menace of jihadism has diminished in Syria. But it is too soon to declare the conflict over and the region stable. We need to think carefully about how to achieve a safe and sustainable long-term future for the communities in the region, particularly for those like the Kurdish community who are still at risk.

“The Syrian war has already seen much bloodshed – we need to find a way to end the violence and negotiate a peaceful outcome and a safe future for people living in Syria.”