The PES supports the demand for more European values and standards in Ukraine

The PES supports the demand for more European values and standards in  Ukraine

“While we welcome President Yanuchovic’s call for an open dialogue, we see actions on the ground that contradict his statements,” says PES President Sergei Stanishev, “we want to show our support for all the democratic demonstrators that subscribe to our values as Europeans. We deeply respect those young people and peaceful protesters out there, dealing with the cold and a possible crackdown because they are standing for what they believe in. Their endurance and unrelenting willpower demonstrate the significance of the European Project.”

“We laud the progress made by both EU Head of the External Action Service Lady Ashton and Commissioner of Enlargement Stefan Fuele, revamping the dialogue with Ukraine and renewing efforts to work out a roadmap for the Association Agreement”, continues President Stanishev,  “right now, the EU should come to the table with concrete proposals to show their support for Ukraine.”

The PES welcomes the protests as a chance to reignite the Association Agreement with Ukraine. The Eastern Partnership offers a long term perspective to those countries aspiring to join the EU. They are a catalyst for change and reforms which eventually lead to increased prosperity and growth. The PES has always been in favour of enhanced cooperation with our Eastern neighbours, provided certain conditions with regards to rule of law, fundamental rights and protection of minorities are met.