We hear you Belarus: PES welcomes European Parliament resolution

We hear you Belarus: PES welcomes European Parliament resolution

Today, Socialist and Democrat MEPs joined others to back a resolution expressing solidarity with the opposition and calling for a peaceful and democratic transition of power in Belarus.

Ahead of the European Parliament vote, the PES launched a campaign – We hear you Belarus – to clearly show the protesters that the progressive pollical family hears and supports them.

Chair of the PES Foreign Policy Network Kati Piri MEP, YES President Alicia Homs MEP, Robert Biedron MEP, the group of the Socialists and Democrats in the EP, Young European Socialists and many others adopted the We hear you Belarus campaign frame on social media and posted the campaign clip. This action was supported by PES member parties, organisations and activists across Europe, as well as democratic organisations on the ground in Belarus.

Earlier this month the PES Foreign Policy Network discussed the unfolding events in Belarus and demanded the EU do everything possible to support free and fair elections in the country.

The resolution adopted today makes it clear that the European Parliament does not recognise Aliaksandr Lukashenka as president of Belarus. It condemns the intimidation and violent repression by the authorities of peaceful protests for justice, freedom and democracy, and calls for an immediate halt to violence and for the release of detained protesters. The Parliament also welcomes the Belarusian Coordination Council as an interim representation of the people demanding democratic change and calls on the EU to provide assistance and establish comprehensive, effective and timely EU-wide sanctions targeting those responsible.

Earlier this month the S&D Group named the Brave women of Belarus as its nominee for the 2020 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Women in the country have been central to the fight for democracy, both before and after the illegitimate presidential election.