A Labour Day Message from Martin Schulz

A Labour Day Message from Martin Schulz

In just three weeks’ time, European citizens will for the first time have a direct say in what type of Europe they want. They will not only be able to choose the political direction of the European Parliament but also directly influence who gets Europe’s top job.

And what do we as European citizens want? Are we satisfied with slow and irregular growth, continuing austerity, unemployment and decreasing social rights? On this International Labour Day we need to remember the unique opportunity these elections present. Today we can say “this is not the Europe we want,” and in three weeks we can vote for change.

I want a Europe of decent jobs and growth, of fair wages and equal chances. A Europe that fights for its youth. A Europe with strong social dialogue, sturdier trade union rights, better working conditions and universal access to quality public services. A Europe that puts social rights before economic freedoms. This is what hundreds of PES members demonstrated for in the ETUC Euro-Manifestion in April along with thousands of trade unionists.

Our Europe is one that does not pitch the rights of one worker against the other. We have end social dumping and we must continue fighting for a revision of the Posting of Workers Directive; to finally put an end to the exploitation of posted workers by greedy employers.

As Common Candidate of the Party of European Socialists (PES) for the President of the European Commission, this is the Europe that I will fight for, in close cooperation with trade unions and European citizens.

From 22 to 25 of May, your voice can be heard. A vote for socialists and social democrats is a vote not just for me but for a fairer more just Europe.