Martin Schulz Addresses Parti Socialiste Campaign Rally in Brittany, France

Martin Schulz Addresses Parti Socialiste Campaign Rally in Brittany,  France

Schulz started his speech by talking about the abuses of the internal market by unscrupulous agencies who send workers across borders without social protection, and undercut local workers. Schulz made clear that these workers were being exploited themselves, and that the Directive on posted workers needs a thorough revision to protect against this bad practice. “There is no point in turning countries, people, workers against each other, when it is unscrupulous employers that are by-passing our social legislation.”

Another solution proposed by Schulz is a minimum wage system for all workers in Europe, to be calibrated to the economic situation in each country. “My party, the SPD, finally managed to impose a minimum wage in Germany, a social-democrat victory. Together, we Socialists can do the same at the European level.”

Tax dumping was also highlighted as a major concern for Schulz. “Our citizens pay their taxes. How then can we justify that there are multinationals who can pay little or no tax? How do you explain to European tax payers that you can do nothing?”

The economic crisis must be overcome with an investment plan, according to Schulz. European industry, and in particular the digital industry, will be a priority.

Schulz is visiting France for the second time on his tour, after launching the Parti Socialiste campaign in Paris on 17 April. Tomorrow, 13 May, he will visit local agriculture and maritime industries, and give a speech at the University of Brest on the issue of youth unemployment.