New European Socialist Leadership Elected

New European Socialist Leadership Elected

The Congress adopted three resolutions – United for Jobs, United for Democracy and United for Peace – as well as the work plan “Roadmap toward 2019“. 

United for Jobs‘ proposed concrete ideas to reduce unemployment through the Youth Guarantee and improve working conditions for people in Europe through increased investment. Particularly high on the agenda was creating green jobs – ensuring a green, and secure futures. 

United for Democracy’ highlighted issues of citizenship and democratic participation as well as the EU Scoreboard for Democracy, with the aim of forging an inclusive society – against nationalism. This is particularly relevant given the Fidesz government’s campaign against migrants.

The resolution ‘United for Peace’ tackled extremism, and forging peace though a strong progressive global agenda. It looked at progressive answers to common challenges including the migration in the Mediterranean, violence and instability in the Sahel region and balancing liberty and security.

President Sergei Stanishev said: “With this team we have new progressive force to lead the socialists back into power in Europe. I look forward to working with them to create jobs ensure that the European economy develops for its citizens, not only for the markets.’ He added: ‘We have spent the last few days in Budapest discussing how to get Europe working. Be it through getting jobs via the European Youth Guarantee, enhancing democracy via the EU Democracy Scoreboard, or working together with sister parties outside of Europe to promote peace and human rights.”

List of decisions taken by the 10th PES Congress

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The full list of leaders is below:

PES Women President
Zita Gurmai, MSZP Hungary

Jean-Christophe Cambadélis, Leader, PS France
Carin Jämtin, Secretary General, SAP Sweden
Katarina Nevedalova, International Secretary of SMER
Jan Royall, Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, Labour UK

Ruairi Quinn, Labour Ireland

Secretary General:
Achim Post, SPD Germany

Deputy Secretary Generals:
Yonnec Polet, PS Belgium
Marije Laffeber, PvdA Netherlands
Giacomo Filibeck, PD Italy