Newly elected PES President introduces his new team

Newly elected PES President introduces his new team

“I am honored to lead this new PES team. Together, this team will be greater than the sum of its parts. We have the ideas, we have the convictions and, together, we will also have the strength. Now, more than ever, our political family must work hard and work together to change Europe’s direction”. 

The four PES Vice-Presidents are:

  • Elena Valenciano (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party – PSOE, Spain)
  • Jan Royall (Labour Party, UK)
  • Katarina Nevedalova (Direction Social Democracy – SMER, Slovakia)
  • Jean-Christophe Cambadélis (Socialist Party – PS, France) as first Vice-President.

Ruairi Quinn (Labour Party, Ireland) will continue his current functions as Treasurer of the party. He also acted as chairman of the PES Congress in Brussels.

The new PES Secretary General is Achim Post (Social Democratic Party – SPD, Germany). He will be joined by two Deputy Secretaries General: Yonnec Polet(Socialist Party – PS, Belgium) as first deputy Secretary General, and Marije Laffeber(Labour Party – PvdA, Netherlands).

Mr. Stanishev underlined that; “the coming years will be decisive for the European Union: this PES team and the whole PES family is ready to return progressive values at the heart of the European project”.