Nicolas Schmit nominated for PES Common Candidate

File photo: Nicolas Schmit addresses the PES Social Summit in Porto, Portugal, 26 May 2023

Nicolas Schmit addresses the PES Social Summit in Porto, Portugal, 26 May 2023

Today the Party of European Socialists (PES) Working Group on the Common Candidate announces that European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights Nicolas Schmit has presented his candidacy to lead Europe’s socialist family at the 2024 European elections.

PES Secretary General and Chair of the PES Working Group on the Common Candidate Giacomo Filibeck said:

“I confirm that Nicolas Schmit has met the necessary criteria to stand as PES Common Candidate for President of the European Commission. He was nominated by LSAP Luxembourg, and has been widely backed by PES full member parties. Next week, the PES Presidency will officially validate his candidacy.

Once this is done, united as a family, we move ahead to our Election Congress. In Rome, Nicolas Schmit will be then presented to be elected as PES Common Candidate, kickstarting the PES campaign for the 2024 European elections. Delegates will also vote to adopt the PES manifesto – our plan for a more progressive Europe.

The PES Election Congress will take place in Rome, Italy, on 2 March 2024.

Nicolas Schmit has vast experience shaping Europe, as a European Commissioner, government minister, and ambassador to the EU.

As European Commissioner, Nicolas Schmit has worked to build a stronger, fairer and more sustainable Europe, putting people at its heart. He has fought to enhance resilience, cohesion and upward social and economic convergence in the EU through the effective implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

He has advanced the Commission’s work to protect people during the multiple crises the EU is facing, to put the value and dignity of work at the forefront, to ensure that work pays, to provide equal opportunities and social inclusion, to strengthen the European Social Market Economy, and to shape fair transitions, notably through investments in the next generation.

The SURE Instrument, the minimum wage directive, the Child Guarantee, the reinforced Youth Guarantee, the platform work directive, the health and safety at work legislation, the minimum income and care initiatives, the comprehensive approach to skills, the social economy action plan, and the initiative on decent work worldwide are just a few examples that concretely illustrate the social breakthrough that he has spearheaded at the EU level. 

Nicolas Schmit stands for a stronger Europe that defends its values against a resurgent far-right. A fairer Europe, with quality jobs, tax justice, affordable housing, and good public services for all. And a more sustainable Europe founded on a socially just European Green Deal and an innovative and inclusive green and digital economy.

Next week, the PES Presidency will validate the candidacy of Nicolas Schmit, designating him candidate-elect ahead of the PES Election Congress where he will be presented to be elected PES Common Candidate.

The PES is committed to an open, transparent and democratic competitive common candidate process. To stand, a candidate needed to secure the backing of at least nine PES full member parties or organisations: one nominating her/him and eight others supporting.

The deadline for candidates to come forward was 17 January 2024. One candidacy was received for PES Common Candidate for President of the European Commission by the PES Working Group on the Common Candidate.

The PES was the first European political party to commit to the common candidate process, an initiative that was subsequently adopted by the other parties for the 2014 elections. In 2019, the PES again committed to the common candidate system.