PES announces candidates for Presidency

PES announces candidates for Presidency

Ruairi Quinn, Chair of the PES Rules and Procedures Committee, commented: “The fact that we have a contest for the position of PES President this year shows the strength of our member party engagement and the healthy state of our internal democracy.’ He added ‘This contest is good for Socialists and Democrats in Europe – showing our family’s commitment to the European project and how much politicians in our family value Europe and the Party itself.”

As part of the democratic process for the election the candidates today presented their vision and motivations to the PES Presidency and debated with one another. The PES Presidency is made up of elected representatives of the member parties.

Sergei Stanishev is Bulgarian and was nominated for the role for the role of PES President by the Bulgarian Socialist Party the BSP. He is the incumbent PES President, a position he has held since 2012 (interim since 2011). He was previously the Bulgarian Prime Minister and is currently an MEP.

Enrique Barón is Spanish and was nominated for the position of PES President by the Spanish Socialist Party PSOE. He was European Parliament President from 1989 to 1992.

Achim Post, PES Secretary General said “Today we saw an energetic debate between two candidates running for PES President Sergei Stanishev and Enrique Barón. This is democracy in its purest form and we at the PES members are delighted to have this internal election, the results of which will be decided at the PES Congress in Budapest.”


More  information on the candidates:

Sergei Stanishev

Enrique Barón 

For more information contact Alison Abrahams, PES Press Officer: +32 491869748