PES Congress welcomes new PES leadership team and four new member parties

PES leadership, PES Congress 2022

Deputy Secretary General Saar Van Bueren, Deputy Secretary General Yonnec Polet, Vice President Kati Piri, Vice President Victor Negrescu, Executive Vice President Francisco André, Secretary General Achim Post, First Vice President Iratxe García, President Stefan Löfven, Executive Vice President Katarina Barley, Treasurer Caroline Gennez, Vice President Tanja Fajon, Vice President Andrzej Szejna, Vice President Radmila Šekerinska, and Executive Secretary General Giacomo Filibeck.

Heads of government, European Commissioners, party leaders, delegates, international guests and activists at the PES Congress welcomed the new PES leadership today.

The new team of PES President Stefan Löfven took to the stage during the second day of the Congress in Berlin, hosted by the PES full member party the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

The new leadership team of the PES is:

  • President: Stefan Löfven (SAP, Sweden)

  • Treasurer: Caroline Gennez (Vooruit, Belgium)

  • First Vice President: Iratxe García (PSOE, Spain and S&D President)

  • Executive Vice President: Katarina Barley (SPD, Germany)
  • Executive Vice President: Francisco André (PS, Portugal)

  • Vice President: Tanja Fajon (SD, Slovenia)
  • Vice President: Victor Negrescu (PSD, Romania)
  • Vice President: Kati Piri (PvdA, Netherlands)
  • Vice President: Andrzej Szejna (Lewica, Poland)
  • Vice President: Radmila Šekerinska (SDSM, North Macedonia)

  • Secretary General: Achim Post (SPD, Germany)
  • Executive Secretary General: Giacomo Filibeck (PD, Italy)
  • Deputy Secretary General: Saar Van Bueren (PvdA, Netherlands)
  • Deputy Secretary General: Yonnec Polet (PS, Belgium)

The Congress also welcomed the announcement of more European parties joining the Party of European Socialists, confirmed during the forum: Democratic Coalition, Hungary and HLAS-Social Democracy, Slovakia are now associate members of the PES and Articolo Uno, Italy and PRO Romania, Romania are now observer members.

Photographs from the event are available on the PES Flickr.