PES Council Announced at Presidency Meeting

PES Council Announced at Presidency Meeting

The title of the PES Council in Prague is “Saving Europe – the PES for youth and progress”. On the day before the Council, 1 December, PES Women conference and the PES Activists’ Forum will take place in Prague. The PES Council is organised in close cooperation with our Czech member party ČSSD.   

PES President Sergei Stanishev said: “Europe needs some adjustments to move forward, but it also needs someone who believes in it, someone who will make the case for solidarity, for equality, for opportunities, for justice. More and more people think that Europe should not just be a market, but also a place for social standards. We are ready to make their voices heard and we lead their fight. We are ready to mobilise our parties and all our activists for that aim.”

At the PES Presidency meeting, it was announced that the European Youth Plan will be promoted through a Europe-wide Action Day to take place on 16 November. 

Stanishev said: “We cannot accept a Europe dictated by the rich, hijacked by the ideology of austerity and unemployment, where the young people have no perspectives. That would be a Europe of populism and hatred.” 

Check photos of the meeting here.