PES mourns Jacques Delors – an iconic figure for socialism and the European Union

PES mourns Jacques Delors – an iconic figure for socialism and the European Union

Archive photo of Jacques Delors, back in 1984 in Paris as a President designate of the CEC. Photo: European Commission

The PES will always remember Jacques Delors – a true socialist and an iconic European Union figure who passed away at 98 in Paris today. A man of vision, a true fighter for social rights and justice, and an architect of the modern European Union – Delors will always be in our hearts and minds.
PES president Stefan Löfven said:

“Jacques Delors embodies the idea for the European Union itself. Eyewitness of the horrors of World War II, Delors had a vision of a peaceful, prosperous, and just Europe that he and his generation managed to build almost from scratch. He was not only a key architect of the modern European Union, but also laid the foundation of the social and just European Union, which we are still defending and trying to advance today.”

PES secretary general Giacomo Filibeck added:

“The way Jaques Delors has inspired the young generation of his time on the idea of the European Union was remarkable. His devotion to the European Values encouraged many young people to embrace the idea of Europe of democracy, equality and freedom.”

The European Socialists and Democrats extend their condolences to the daughter of Jacques Delors – Martine Aubry, to his family and friends. His legacy will live.

Delors was an Economy Minister under François Mitterrand and a President of the European Commission from 1985 to 1995, a period of important and positive decisions for the future of the European Union.