PES Presidency backs Common Candidate Nicolas Schmit

Members of the PES Presidency meeting by videoconference

Members of the PES Presidency meeting by videoconference

Representatives of full member parties and organisations of the Party of European Socialists (PES) today welcomed the candidacy of Nicolas Schmit for PES Common Candidate for President of the European Commission.

Having secured wide backing from PES members, Nicolas Schmit will be presented to be elected PES Common Candidate at the PES Election Congress in Rome on 2 March.

PES President Stefan Löfven said:

“Nicolas Schmit’s vast experience both at national and EU level, the strong progressive values that he embodies, and his dedication and closeness to our political family position us well for the campaign ahead.

“We will meet in Rome at a vital moment, both at the European and national level. We cannot ignore how the far right is becoming more confident and visible. Across Europe we see them rise in the polls. We must not go back to Europe’s dark past. In Rome, we confront this threat to Europe. We make clear that our family offers a progressive alternative.”

Election Congress fringe events and other meetings will take place on 1 March in Rome, with the Election Congress taking place at La Nuvola, Rome, on 2 March. Election Congress delegates will elect the PES Common Candidate and vote to adopt the PES manifesto.

Meeting online, the PES Presidency exchanged on political priorities for the PES manifesto and went through the latest amendments ahead of its finalisation before the Election Congress.

Leading up to the manifesto, the PES has run an extensive and inclusive consultation with civil society, with more than 85 in-person meetings, feedback from over 110 organisations, amounting to 550+ policy priorities and measures. These exchanges contributed to the resolution adopted at the PES Congress in Malaga in November, which serves as the basis for the PES manifesto.

Presidency members held further strategic discussions on the path to the European elections.

The candidacy of Nicolas Schmit for PES Common Candidate has been formally supported by:

  • SPÖ Austria
  • PS Belgium
  • Vooruit Belgium
  • SDP Croatia
  • SDP Finland
  • PS France
  • SPD Germany
  • PASOK Greece
  • MSZP Hungary
  • DK Hungary
  • PD Italy
  • PSI Italy
  • Saskana Latvia
  • LSAP Luxemburg
  • PvdA Netherlands
  • Lewica Poland
  • PS Portugal
  • PSD Romania
  • PSOE Spain
  • SAP Sweden
  • S&D Group in the European Parliament
  • PES Group in the European Committee of the Regions
  • PES Women
  • Young European Socialists (YES)
  • Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS)