PES Presidency sends message of support to Israel

Members of the PES Presidency meeting by videoconference

Members of the PES Presidency meeting by videoconference

International solidarity, Slovakia, and the 2023 PES Congress on the Presidency agenda

The Presidency of the Party of European Socialists (PES) today unequivocally condemns the attacks on Israel by Hamas and expresses the sincere condolences of Europe’s socialist and democratic family to the victims of the violence.

Convening online, the Presidency expressed its solidarity with Israel directly to Merav Michaeli MK, the leader of the Israeli Labor Party – an observer member party of the PES – who connected from Israel to update the Presidency on the latest developments.

Addressing the Presidency – the highest organ for the management of the day-to-day business of the PES – PES President Stefan Löfven said:

“It is a very important time in history and a very important moment for the region. We send a strong message to Israel: we stand with you in the face of this terror and we stand behind your right to defend yourself, in compliance with international law. These attacks only serve to set back the cause of peace and the two-state solution that we support.

“We are alarmed of reports of rising antisemitism here in Europe. This despicable attack on Israel must not be used as a pretext for attacks on the Jewish community here in Europe, or anywhere else. We must do everything to fight against this.”

The Presidency reiterated the demand – made on Monday by the PES Foreign Policy Network following a request by the Israeli Labor Party – for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and any others holding Israeli children in Gaza to release them, and to allow medical treatment for all those in need, immediately and without condition. The Presidency called for a return to stability and security in Israel and a focus on humanitarian assistance for people in Gaza, who remain under extreme pressure. Uri Zaki, chair of the executive committee of Meretz, an observer member party of the PES from Israel, held a further exchange with the Presidency on the current situation.

On Saturday, the PES condemned the attack

PES membership suspended for Slovakia’s Smer-SD and Hlas-SD

Smer-SD (Slovakia) and Hlas-SD (Slovakia) have been suspended from the PES – this was the decision taken today by the Presidency.

This decision follows discussions that took place at the Presidency in the spring. Following a proposal by the PES leadership, in accordance with the PES statutes, the Presidency today ruled to suspend the membership of Smer-SD (full membership) and Hlas-SD (associate membership). This step has been taken following the clear divergence from the values of the PES family demonstrated by Smer-SD leader Robert Fico. And additionally, as a result of concerns raised following the announcement of a government coalition between Smer-SD, Hlas-SD and a radical-right party.

PES Congress 2023

Europe in the lead: progressive solutions to global challenges / Adelante Europa: Soluciones Progresistas a los Retos Globales – it is under this banner that Europe’s socialist and democratic family will gather in Málaga, Spain, next month for the 2023 PES Congress, organised in cooperation with the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE).

The Presidency was informed that the programme will begin on Thursday 9 November with fringe events organised by PES organisations. These events will continue on Friday 10 November in the morning, with the PES Congress opening taking place later that day. On Friday, delegates will elect the PES President and vote to adopt the PES Congress resolution. The leadership team and a new Presidency will also be elected. The PES Congress will continue on Saturday 11 November.

In the context of the Congress, the Presidency held an exchange with representatives of political parties that have applied for membership of the PES. DK (Hungary) has applied to become a full member party, with observer membership being sought by Levizja Vetevendosje (Kosovo), BSDP Hramada (Belarus), BSDP Narodnaya Hramada (Belarus), and the Party of Freedom and Justice (Serbia).

The Presidency took the decision to provisionally approve membership for all applicant parties, pending the acceptance of the Congress.