PES President Sergei Stanishev on the result of the Greek elections

PES President Sergei Stanishev on the result of the Greek  elections

It is very encouraging that an overwhelming majority of the Greek voters have confirmed their support to pro-European forces. But it should be also clear to everyone that this was not a vote in favour of austerity policies. Throughout Europe, our message is taking root : the way forward is neither austerity-only, nor unsustainable management, but rather the combination of responsible government with growth-oriented and socially fair policies.

We can regret the decision of Mr Tsipras to renew the coalition with the right-wing « Independent Greeks ». The possibility to form a stable government by joining all progressive forces in Greece was a real one, and it was unfortunately ignored. Looking ahead, it is clear that the implementation of the memorandum signed by Mr Tsipras will certainly face many challenges. It must become an opportunity to implement the progressive reforms that will modernise the economy and the state, in a socially fair and viable way.

European Socialists have showed that we support the Greek people and Greece’s place at the heart of Europe. I now call on the new Greek government, the European Union and all Member States to show the solidarity, seriousness, and commitment that is necessary to put an end to the protracted crisis. It is vital that Greece be put back on a path of growth, social justice, and economic viability, the objectives that we have been promoting since the onset of the crisis.”