PES Secretary General meets SDP representatives from BiH in Brussels

PES Secretary General meets SDP representatives from BiH in  Brussels

On the decision by Republika Srpska (RS) President Milorad Dodik to withdraw plans of holding a referendum on Bosnia’s State Court and the Office of the High Representative, PES Secretary General Philip Cordery said: “This referendum would have undermined the democratic institutions and a pluralist, multiethnic society in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Catherine Ashton’s visit to Republika Srpska last Friday was a crucial diplomatic move to avert a crisis that would have challenged the very foundations of the Dayton Accord. Following the recent events in BiH, a structured dialogue on the functioning and work of the judiciary, under EU auspices in Banja Luka, is an important step forward. I am glad that European Commissioner Stefan Füle, with his experience and determination, will be chairing the first meeting”.

Praising the role of SDP, Philip Cordery stated: “In Bosnia and Herzegovina all political groups must engage responsibly and act in a spirit of compromise to form a government, implement the necessary reforms and address pressing issues including unemployment, growth, pensions, education and constitutional changes. SDP is ready for open and constructive talks with all parties. We stand firmly behind SDP and support the party in its commitment to bring the country forward for its citizens and for a positive future in the European Union”.