Turkey: PES condemns ban on Kurdish candidate Abdullah Zeydan after Sunday’s historic victory

DEM candidate Abdullah Zeydan

DEM candidate Abdullah Zeydan

The Party of European Socialists condemns the decision by Turkey’s Ministry of Justice to ban Abdullah Zeydan from office despite his clear victory in the city of Van, with a popular mandate of 55% of the vote. Zeydan headed the list of DEM Parti for the local elections in this city in Eastern Turkey. 

PES Secretary General Giacomo Filibeck said:

“This is a coup against Abdullah Zeydan and the people of Van, where he is the current Co-Mayor and has made himself worthy of citizens’ trust. Erdogan’s tentacles are behind this decision by the Ministry of Justice, which has come last-minute and which is in violation of all established legal protections for running candidates. Erdogan violates his own rules. He is unable to face reality: the Turkish people have turned their back on him, massively supporting the democratic opposition at the ballot box on Sunday.”

The PES calls on the Turkish authorities to overturn this unjust, undemocratic decision and to honour the mandate of the people. PES stands with all elected opposition officials, who are under constant threat from Erdogan’s regime.