Zita Gurmai re-elected as PES Women President

Zita Gurmai re-elected as PES Women President

In a letter sent to PES Women delegates Zita Gurmai promised to prioritize bringing new and younger women on board. She promised to address the concerns of younger generations of women including their sexual and reproductive health and rights and promoting a realistic and not artificial image of women in the media. She vowed to continue fighting for the maternity leave directive and the gender equality strategy.

Zita Gurmai, PES Women President said ‘I am very honoured to have been re-elected by my sisters as President of PES Women, particularly here in my home country of Hungary. Today we renew our feminist project: making sure the progressive women’s movement speaks to young people in Europe.

Speaking to other feminist politicians will not get us where we want to be. We need to speak to other women and men and convince them of what equality will do for their wives, sisters and daughters – as well as their husbands, brothers and sons!

2015 is an important year in terms of gender equality – both in Europe and Globally. In Europe because the EU is supposed to present an EU Gender Equality Strategy, and on the global level women are celebrating Beijing 20+. During the conference, a resolution highlighting these challenges was adopted: “Power to Women: Feminist Europe of 21st century“.

Also today the PES President Sergei Stanishev met with MSZP leader Jozsef Tobias and expressed his solidarity with Hungarians: ‘Hungary is at a crossroads – yet there is only one way forward – towards Europe. We are delighted to be here in Hungary to support our Hungarian friends as they move towards leading Hungary in that direction.’ He added ‘We are here to discuss how we can – and will – move Europe forwards. We will discuss creating jobs for the future, installing and enhancing democracy – inside Europe and out, and guaranteeing peace for all.

There will be a Press Conference with Zita Gurmai, President PES women, Sergei Stanishev – PES President and Jozsef Tobias – MSZP leader at 16.00 today (11 June) in the press room in the Budapest Congress Center.

Alongside Zita Gurmai the following women were elected to the PES women Executive.

Zita Gurmai, President, Hungary
Marja Bijl, Vice-President, the Netherlands
Zefi Dimadama, Vice-President, Greece
Astri Aas, Hansen, Vice-President, Norway
Karolina Leakovic, Vice–President, Croatia
Elke Ferner, Executive, Germany
Mija Javornik, Executive, Slovenia
Deniza Karadjova, Executive, Bulgaria
Michaela Kauer, Executive, Austria
Roulla Mavranikova, Executive, Cyprus
Marianne Mikko, Executive, Estonia
Claude Roiron, Executive, France
Olga Zrihen, Executive, Belgium