The Party of European Socialists united for swift recovery, respecting the Rule of Law

The Party of European Socialists united for swift recovery, respecting the Rule of Law

Meeting by videoconference, the PES Presidency convened to discuss key issues facing Europe, the next PES congress, and the party’s strategy and calendar of activities for the coming months.

Presidency members adopted a declaration reiterating the continued commitment of the PES to the implementation of an ambitious MFF and recovery plan with effective Rule of Law conditionality. The PES strongly condemns any Member State which attempts to leverage a veto on Next Generation EU or the MFF to undermine European values. European socialists and democrats want to see a swift agreement to deliver the recovery for citizens and businesses that we are fighting for.

The declaration comes after prime ministers, European commissioners and leaders from the PES yesterday also called on the European Council to secure the recovery whilst defending European values.

PES President Sergei Stanishev said:

“For the socialist and democratic political family, the recovery is not optional and European values are not optional. The EU needs both.

“We have clearly and proudly articulated this today – the progressive family stands united in defence of a recovery which fully respects the Rule of Law. PES prime ministers in Council are defending this position and we strongly urge all Council members not to row back from the agreement reached in July. This means no backsliding on their commitment to support recovery, nor on their commitment to uphold the Rule of Law.

“The declaration agreed today by the Presidency is a clear signal from our family that we will not compromise on the recovery for citizens or the fundamental values of the European project.”

The Presidency also agreed that the next PES congress will be hosted by SPD Germany in Berlin in June 2021. Further details about the event will be announced early next year.

PES President Sergei Stanishev added:

“I would also like to thank SPD Germany, who will host the PES Congress next year. The SPD was one of the founding members of the PES and it will be our great pleasure to be in Berlin and to support Olaf Scholz in the run-up to the federal elections.”

The PES Presidency as well discussed the need for a swift agreement on the EU negotiating framework for North Macedonia, supporting the calls of the social democrat government in the country, and adopted a statement.

The PES Presidency once against expressed solidarity with Turkish associate member HDP, which continues to face suppression from the Erdogan regime. Marking the eighth anniversary of HDP’s establishment, the Presidency adopted a declaration in support of the party.

The meeting also welcomed two new PES Presidency members: from Italy – Maurizio Martina, former leader of the Partito Democratico (PD); and from Bulgaria – Kristian Vigenin, deputy chairperson of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. They will now represent their respective parties in the PES governing body. PES President Stanishev expressed gratitude for the contribution of the outgoing Presidency member from PD, Piero Fassino.

At the meeting, S&D President Iratxe Garcia Perez briefed the PES Presidency on the S&D’s actions and priorities for the upcoming period. PES member organisations the Young European Socialists, PES Women and Rainbow Rose also provided updates on their activity and priorities.