14 Oct

PES Congress, Berlin, 14-15 October 2022

14 - 15 Oct 2022 Berlin
PES Congress 2022

PES Congress 2022

The PES Congress took place in Berlin on 14-15 October 2022.

Hosted with the support from the governing German SPD – a PES full member party – the PES Congress welcomed heads of state and government, European Commissioners, party leaders and other representatives.

The Congress elected Stefan Löfven as new PES President, welcomed a new leadership as well as four new parties and adopted the resolution “Leading Europe through change“.

With the motto “With Courage. For Europe” PES leaders discussed policies to address deep shifts in the international security and multilateral balance, soaring energy prices and inflation, the covid crisis, climate change and social challenges.

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Congress resolution (English, French, German, Spanish)

Decisions taken by the Congress