28 Sep

PES Congress, Brussels 2012

28 - 29 Sep 2012 Brussels

The 9th PES Congress took place in Brussels, on 28-29 September 2012. 

The Congress delegates have unanimously adopted the general resolution, titled “Together for the Europe we need”. 

New Leadership

PES Congress 2012

During the Congress, Sergei Stanishev (BSP Leader, Bulgaria) was elected PES President

The Congress has also elected Jean-Christophe Cambadélis (PS France), Elena Valenciano (PSOE Spain), Katerina Nevedalova (SMER Slovakia) and Jan Royall (Labour Party UK) as PES Vice-Presidents. The PES leadership team was completed by Achim Post (SPD Germany), new PES Secretary General, and by two deputy Secretary Generals: Marije Lafeber (PvdA Netherlands) and Yonnec Polet (PS Belgium).  

PES 9th Congress adopted documents