27 Oct

Platform work: time to deliver rights

27 October 2021 Online
Platform work: time to deliver rights

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We live in increasingly digitalised world.

Digital technologies facilitate innovation, expand consumer choices, and create new jobs that promise greater flexibility and autonomy. However, we need to ensure that work practices in digital platforms respect good working and employment standards. New working forms cannot be an excuse for social dumping and all workers must enjoy the same rights: no job without a contract, no job without a fair salary, and a ban on fake self-employment.

On 28 October, the PES organised a discussion on “Platform work: time to deliver rights”. The debate focused on ways of improving platform workers’ conditions, putting forward our proposals to integrate non-standard work into our social protection systems.



Nicolas Schmit – Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
Andrea Orlando – Italian Minister of Labour and Social Protection
Agnes Jongerius – S&D EMPL Coordinator
Ludovic Voet – ETUC Confederal Secretary Ludovic Voet
Miguel Cabrita – Portuguese Deputy Minister for Labour Vocational Training

Moderator: Yonnec Polet, PES Deputy Secretary General