PES Development ministerial meeting


The Party of European Socialists brings together the Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Parties of the European Union.

Upcoming events

PES Financial and Economic Network meeting

Representatives from the European Commission, national governments, Members of the European Parliament, PES member parties, civil society, academics, activists and more convene to discuss action…

PES Democracy Network meeting

Defending democracy from populism, rights for women, LGBTI equality, the fight against racism, and more, are on the agenda as representatives from the European Commission,…

Past events

PES Development ministerial meeting

PES Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Ministerial (EPSCO) meeting

Ministers from the PES political family will convene to discuss pressing issues ahead of the upcoming EU EPSCO Ministerial meeting.

PES Social Europe Network meeting

Fair wages, strong rights, and a social market economy that works for all – this is the focus as representatives from the European Commission, national…

PES EU Council preparation meeting

PES Prime Ministers and deputy Prime Ministers meet ahead of the European Council.

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