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The President of the S&D Group in the European Parliament and First Vice-President of the PES Iratxe García Pérez congratulates Ursula von der Leyen on her re-election as President of the European Commission moments after the result of the vote was announced.

Socialists and democrats will hold Commission President to progressive promises

The Party of European Socialists (PES) congratulates Ursula von der Leyen on her re-election as President of the European Commission. As the largest progressive force…

PES President Stefan Löfven (left) speaks with President of Brazil Lula da Silva (right) at the PES Together for Global Justice meeting in Brussels, Belgium, July 2023.

G20: PES President backs Brazil’s proposal for global deal to tax ultra-rich

The President of the Party of European Socialists (PES) and former Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Löfven has called on G20 leaders to back a…

Peace, International Affairs & Cooperation
EPSCO 11-07

PES EPSCO: next European mandate must deliver economic and social progress

Europe’s socialists and social democrats will ensure economic progress in the coming years. This also means progress on social wellbeing for citizens, reinforced through the…

Employment, Social affairs, Health
Leader of SDSM, Venko Filipce

PES congratulates the new leader of its member party in North Macedonia

The Party of European Socialists (PES) congratulates Venko Filipce, the newly elected leader of its associate member party in North Macedonia, SDSM (Social Democratic Union of Macedonia)….

PES Development Ministerial discusses priorities for next EU mandate

PES Development Ministerial discusses priorities for next EU mandate

Today, development ministers from the Party of European Socialists (PES) held a meeting to discuss priorities for development for the next European Commission mandate. The…

Economy, Finance, Cohesion
Pictured from left to right: Olivier Faure, leader of the PES member party Parti Socialist (PS France), Corinne Narassiguin, former socialist senator and now an MP from PS France, and Christophe Clergeau, MEP from PS France and a member of the PES Presidency

PES: Relief and hope after Marine Le Pen’s far right defeat in French parliamentary elections

On 7 July, France held crucial snap parliamentary elections. French voters clearly defeated Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National in the polls, against most predictions. With…

PES celebrates International Pride Day in Madrid

PES celebrates International Pride Day in Madrid

The Party of European Socialists (PES) joined its member party PSOE at Spanish Pride, Europe’s largest event. More than 2 million people participated in the…

Gender Equality, Feminism, Diversity
UK Labour leader

PES congratulates Keir Starmer and the Labour Party on a stunning election victory

The Party of European Socialists (PES) today congratulated the UK Labour Party and its leader and prime-minister-elect Keir Starmer on their electoral landslide, putting an…

Four progressive European political parties sign Declaration in support of the New Popular  Front in France

Four progressive European political parties sign Declaration in support of the New Popular Front in France

The Party of European Socialists (PES), the European Greens, the European Left, and the European Free Alliance stand united with all their member parties in…

Democracy, Justice, Rule of Law


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What we fight for

Europe needs to overcome inequality, fight for tax justice, tackle the
threat of climate change, harness the digital revolution, ensure a fair
agricultural transformation, manage migration better.
  • Employment, Social Affairs & Health

    In our electoral programme, we said it loud and clear: our top priority is that Europeans, women and men, must have a decent job that allows good quality of life. We fight for a Europe that leaves no-one behind. Through education, training and social programmes when needed, everyone should be given a chance at a good life. More about Employment, Social Affairs & Health
  • Energy & Environment

    The PES stands for a sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally aware Europe. We stand for an ambitious European Green Deal: the EU must be at the forefront of protecting nature and its resources and the fight against pollution and climate change.
    More about Energy, Environment & Climate Change
  • Economy & Finance

    We believe that the economy must always serve society, and not the other way round. Throughout the 2008 financial crisis, and the 2019 coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been fighting for investment in jobs, growth-inducing sectors and people – and in particular youth – as a crucial element to bring about a sustainable economic recovery. The fight is far from over, but we’ve managed to bring about a shift in European policy, bringing the EU slowly back on track. More about Economy & Finance
  • Youth & Education

    Together with its partners, the PES has launched a major campaign to put young people’s issues at the top of the EU agenda: UpToYouth. This campaign builds on the PES European Youth Plan, which focused on improving the prospects of young people across Europe. We want action on young people’s priorities: climate change, tackling youth unemployment, access to quality education, healthcare for all, and decent housing. More about Youth & Education
  • Equality

    We are a feminist party, which fights for equal rights and opportunities for all women, men and non-binary people. Gender equality and LGBTI rights are crucial for well-functioning democracies, and any form of discrimination is unacceptable in our modern European societies. More about Equality
  • Democracy & Human Rights

    Enhancing European democracy is one of our main priorities. We want to engage the public and policy makers around three main pillars: fundamental rights, accountability, and participation. More about Democracy & Human Rights
  • Future of Europe

    Europe’s future belongs to all of us. That’s why it must work for everyone, reflecting the needs and aspirations of all our citizens. A Europe that works for the people. We are fighting for a resilient European Union, with stronger institutions that are better connected with citizens. We want an EU which meets future challenges and delivers the more social and sustainable Europe citizens want. More about Future of Europe
  • International Affairs & Cooperation

    The PES is working for a better world. Europe has a major role to play on the international scene and must show its commitment to a just, democratic, peaceful and sustainable world. The PES works with progressive international partners to support this vision in Europe, its neighbourhood, and beyond. More about International Affairs & Cooperation
  • Security & Justice

    The security and safety of all citizens in Europe is a key priority. Together with our Justice and Home Affairs Ministers, representatives from our parties and partners, we’re pushing for an agenda that prioritises the security of all citizens hand in hand with social and integration policies, always with full respect of individual and collective rights. More about Security & Justice

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PES Women promoting gender equality and women’s rights

PES Women is the women’s organisation of the Party of European Socialists (PES) promoting gender equality and women’s rights both inside and outside the party.

PES Women website

PES activists fight for a fairer Europe

PES Activists are the grassroots of the socialist and social democratic family.

More about PES activists


Party of European Socialists

Party of European Socialists


We are the Party of European Socialists. We work for a Europe with more economic justice, sustainability, non-discrimination and equality between women and men.

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🇪🇺 We congratulate Ursula von der Leyen on her re-election as President of the European Commission. PES president Stefan Löfven said: “We will ensure that the progressive commitments she has made are fully delivered in the next mandate.” 👇🏻 Link to our full statement – in the comments.👇🏻 See MoreSee Less
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Today we remember Nelson Mandela, the man who successfully led the resistance against appartheid system in South Africa.His actions of resistance against a discriminatory regime should inspire world leaders and guide them in the pursuit for a more united world. See MoreSee Less
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🌹 🇪🇺🎤We just opened a position for a press and communications officer. Visit our website, careers, and opportunities section. The link is in the comments. See MoreSee Less
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