As the leading progressive group, S&Ds will work for a pro-European and democratic majority

Nicolas Schmit, European Parliament

Nicolas Schmit during his statement to the media during the 2024 elections night at the European Parliament.

The European Socialists and Democrats returned successfully as the second largest and main progressive group with at least 135 members for the 2024-2029 mandate of the European Parliament.

360 million voters in 27 countries were called to the ballots from 6-9 June 2024. The Party of European Socialists and its sister parties ran a tireless European campaign with its lead candidate Nicolas Schmit, who took part in 70 events in 18 member states during his three-month campaign.

Speaking after the polls closed in all 27 countries, leaders from the European Socialists family reaffirmed their commitment to build a pro-European and pro-democracy majority in the newly elected European Parliament. They urged the conservative EPP to end its flirtation with the far-right and return to its roots as a centrist, constructive pro-European force.

PES Common Candidate, Nicolas Schmit, said:

“To every person I spoke with on the campaign trail, to every candidate and activist who joined me, to every citizen who took the time to cast their vote, I want to say thank you. The promise of our Union lies in the strength, diversity and potential of our citizens. That is what this campaign reaffirmed to me. As socialists and democrats, we will continue to work for citizens and European unity. We stand together, for our Europe: social, democratic and sustainable.”

S&D Group leader, Iratxe García Pérez, said:

“First of all, I would like to thank all citizens who today expressed their trust in our social democratic family and in our project: a Union that cares about the welfare of its citizens, a Europe that is social, democratic and sustainable. Our citizens have cast their votes for a pro-European and democratic majority. As the second force in Parliament, we, the social democratic family, will be pivotal in forming this majority.

“We are ready to work for the pro-European and democratic majority our citizens have called for. We will not enter into any negotiations that includes the far-right. We won’t open the door to those who allow and encourage xenophobia, homophobia, and the violation of the rule of law, or those who oppose the independence of the press and women’s rights. It´s time to act responsibly. We urge the conservative EPP to return to the pro-democracy and pro-European majority.

“The Social Democratic family will respect the principle on which the Spitzenkandidaten process is based and the role that the Parliament must play now.”